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    דף הבית English

    I'd like to welcome my English speaking guests to my unique site which was established on 1.9.2000.

    I qualified the "London College of Furniture" back in 1981, and since then
    I have been active in the Israeli piano trade. I shall be more than happy to
    offer you my knowledge and experience for your benefit.

    The services that I do for my customers include tuning repairing and
    regulating of pianos, advising you in buying selling and renting of pianos,
    assisting you in selling and storing your pianos ( I always have some
    pianos in stock for selling or hiring ) , and I can always provide you with
    piano benches, metronomes etc.

    If I can be in any way helpful to you, don't hesitate to call, and I'll do my
    best to prove that despite what you have been thinking, it is possible to
    get quality service even in Israel.

    Expecting your calls  here